Our surveys

Have you seen our surveys?

Everyone loves filling in surveys we know, but we really would like to know what you think of us!

There's a survey for parents and caregivers, and one for children and young adults with diabtes; both will only take a couple of minutes to complete, promise.

We would like as many parents and caregivers as possibles to complete the survey so if you've just skipped past the popup, or maybe you've filled it in already and now your partner or a grandparent would like to fill it in, you can follow this link here.

Kids, there's a survey for you too, and it's not even the same (okay, some of it is).
Obviously, this is for those of you under 25 who have diabetes - any kind of diabetes, we're not fussy.
If you need to find it again, here's the link.

The surveys are available on SurveyMonkey until the 1st of November.

And finally, there are paper copies available from the MHTDT Office, or you can print out a PDF copy below.

Thanks heaps everyone!